May Fun and Ease be with You all 2016!

Happy New Year from DataStories! Let’s have a great year full of creative inspiration, productive work we do with pleasure, enough time for ourselves and our beloved, beauty all around us and within, out-of-the-box thinking (and plenty of time to do this), and many reasons to party!
Happy New Year from DataStories! Viva Data Stories.

And thank you for a wonderful 2015!

  • Our company Evolved Analytics, the creator of DataStories, was named the most innovative startup in Belgium by the European startup expert Omar Mohout in GeekTime and (in Dutch)!
  • Our example data stories have had huge success. The story on how we used the data to learn what drives popularity of six giant marketing blogs with more than 100,000 subscribers was featured among 30 Epic Growth Hacking Guides of 2015 by the Founders Grid.


  • We have grown immensely in the last 12 months. When you start with small numbers, it's always fun to calculate the growth in percents: our own team has grown by 350% not counting all the wonderful contractors helping us with coding, design and growth.

In our example data stories we analyzed and showed what drives marketing blog popularity and social shares, how to intelligently estimate second hand car prices and when is the best time to sell them, what drives freedom of choice satisfaction in the world, what are the most converting customer metrics and events in a SaaS business, and how to predict which freemium customers are on the edge of converting.

Let me know which new stories you would like to see this year and we will try to make it happen!

Hugs and kisses,

DataStories Team

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Katya Vladislavleva
PhD, PDEng - mathematician, turned engineer, turned entrepreneur & founder

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