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DataStories raises €650,000 in convertible note

Happy to announce that DataStories raised €650,000 in a convertible note from current investors and business angels with a strong industrial background. This is twice as much as we wanted to raise before the end of the year - all the good signs of a healthy financial state.
DataStories's pictureDataStories, posted on 19 October 2017



We analyzed 4 million data points to see what makes it to the front page of Reddit. Here’s what we learned.

We applied machine learning to analyze 4,607,160 data points collected by scraping the front page of Reddit for 22 days. Read post for insights on how the Reddit algorithms work.
DataStories's pictureDataStories, posted on 04 February 2016
Happy New Year from DataStories! Viva Data Stories.


May Fun and Ease be with You all 2016!

Happy New Year from DataStories! Let’s have a great year full of creative inspiration, productive work we do with pleasure, enough time for ourselves and our beloved, beauty all around us and within, out-of-the-box thinking (and plenty of time to do this), and many reasons to party!
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If you are a Product Manager writing on, here's what the data says you should do

We mapped out the product management landscape from reliable online content and a couple interesting insights emerged
DataStories's pictureDataStories, posted on 06 September 2015